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The EcoProcoteā„¢ brand of sustainable coating innovations was developed to meet rigorous performance and Green Building compliant requirements. The architectural, decorative, and maintenance coatings industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with continued growth expected well into the future. As the coatings industry continues to grow, so does the growing concern over the long lasting effects on human and environmental welfare.


EcoProcote produces and markets only "green" eco-friendly innovations. Product evaluation includes three main characteristics: 1) Performance, 2) Sustainability, and 3) Value.


A product must perform as well or better than conventional products. Superior technology enables delivery of products that use less material, prolong substrate life, and take less time to install, which adds to the products' sustainability.


Products must contain more sustainability attributes than competitive products. The majority of EcoProcote's products use renewable resources, recycled content, and of course, low or no VOC's. The technologies used do not contain exempt solvents and actually contribute to the reduction of petrochemical ingredients.


Lastly, EcoProcote's products cost the same or less than competitive products. This is accomplished not only by lower comparative retail cost, but also by time savings and optimization of material usage.


Customers agree, EcoProcote offers all three attributes.