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VOC eliminating paint additive
Cure X Plus is a patented Active Curing and Fungicide additive utilizing a Nano-Filtration System™ containing Nano-Clays™ for all water borne and oil based coatings. The additive accelerates cure time and creates a ceramic polymer matrix which seals the coated material. It is a non-toxic green friendly product that increases film strength while virtually eliminating volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from the coating.


All coatings cure using a passive curing process provided by the emission of VOCs from the coating film. Coatings can dry within several hours, but can take up to 7 to 14 days to reach a fully cured state. Cure X Plus will reduce the curing time by utilizing its patented Active Cure Technology which does not require the use of heat treatment to cure paint over time. Cure X Plus will reduce cure time to a matter of minutes to hours instead of days or weeks.


Many parts of the world have extreme weather conditions that cause coated surfaces to mold and mildew due to high humidity and cooler conditions. These same areas will cause coatings to take weeks to fully cure out. The Nano-Clays™ in Cure X Plus additive are a 100% naturally occurring fungicide, which will prevent or greatly reduce most common forms of fungi from growing in or on a coated surface. Because of the use of Nano-Clays™, Cure X Plus will work in higher humidity and cooler conditions.


The Nano-Filtration System™ within Cure X Plus can sequester and mitigate VOC emissions from the coating material. The Nano-Clays™ in the Nano-Filtration System™ are mesoporous, meaning they have pore sizes of 2-50nm. Therefore, each ceramic particle can have a surface area up to ten times times greater than its own diameter. This very large reactive surface provides a stationary filtering medium to which the VOCs adhere. Specific examples include non-reversible neutralization of acetone, aldehydes, ammonia, and ethylene glycol. Metal hydroxide oxidants quickly and effectively neutralize formaldehydes to a level prescribed by federal and state environmental agencies.