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Tridipanel is the Hi'ilani EcoHouse's sole provider of SCIP building material. With 25 years of expertise in this construction method, Tridipanel has delivered SCIP panels to many projects around the globe.


Founded by Rod Hadrian, Sr., and now aided by his sons Bill and Rodney, the company provides SCIP expertise and SCIP material worldwide.


The design team, Studio RMA, and the project engineers enrolled Rod Hadrian as a consultant early in the design process, and he went on to oversee all SCIP construction for the project. Tridipanel executed the challenging and innovative design flawlessly with satisfactory time and budget performance.


Tridipanels come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. They are cut and customized for each specific job, and their modular nature makes it easy to build structures of unique and innovative design.


This Cradle to Cradle building system has a high insulation value and high structural strength. The lifespan of SCIP buildings is measured in centuries, not decades; this makes the building system extremely sustainable over time.