Instead of sending a bill to the future, we are sending benefits.

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LEED Hiilani EcoHouse


Hi'ilani Ecohouse

Created by Robert Mechielsen and designed by Studio RMA, the Hi’ilani EcoHouse functions much like a living organism.  Like the people who will inhabit it, it breathes and regulates its own temperature. It has a strong skeleton, a central nervous system, and multiple means of obtaining the energy that it requires. During its lifespan, in synergy with its carbon-sequestering plantings, it will absorb more CO2 from the environment than the amount generated by its construction and operation.


Mechielsen's carbon-neutral design results in a building that does not deplete life-sustaining resources needed by future generations. Instead, it provides a bonus, as it helps clean the atmosphere and sets higher standards for sustainable building and living.

Slated for LEED Platinum certification, the U.S. Green Building Council's highest standard, the structure embodies breakthroughs in science, design, structural engineering and environmental collaboration; and it offers an opportunity for suppliers of superior products and services to become affiliated with the project as technology partners, to demonstrate how their solutions can contribute to carbon-neutral living.