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In our pursuit of ways to show how people can live abundantly while also living sustainably, considerable time was invested determining how best to preserve some treasured wines. Classic wines must be kept between 55 and 57°F to mature properly without spoiling. Fortunately, the SCIP building system provides our wine storage room (which also serves as a root cellar for preserving vegetables) with outstanding insulation, so a cooling unit does not have to work as hard or cycle as often as might otherwise be required. The cooling unit selected would have to maintain the perfect temperature range, using as little energy as possible, and with the longest possible repair-free service lifetime. Inferior units can require frequent repairs or even replacement, wasting money and resources.


Vinotemp's customer service consultants reviewed our cellaring room's design and dimensions, and recommended the Wine-Mate 2500HZD. Its patented design features an oversized and bottom feeding evaporator, so it not only maintains perfect temperature, but also perfect humidity as well, to maintain wine quality for years. Like all Vinotemp coolers, it is built in America, and achieves high ratings for customer satisfaction.


In addition to cooling units, Vinotemp offers wine cabinets and coolers, plus custom-designed wine cellar solutions and accessories, providing practically every storage option a wine enthusiast could wish for.