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Sophie Cazaux brings a centuries-old method of coloring walls with earth minerals into the twenty-first century. Sophie and her company, Terre du Monde Decor, have their roots in France, and they add modern flair to the ancient craft of coloring walls and plasters with natural earth minerals.  They combine vibrant colors discovered centuries ago with state-of-the-art 21st century application techniques, including laser imprinting of patterns, logos and art directly into concrete walls, similar to a tattoo on the skin.


The skins (walls) of the Hi’ilani EcoHouse are designed to ’breathe’. They absorb dampness in times of high humidity, and release moisture back into the air when conditions are dry. The walls also help regulate the house’s temperature by taking in cold at night to release during hot daytime hours.


These “eco-air conditioning” functions would be impossible with latex paint, which would suffocate the natural breathing of the concrete/plaster walls, and unleash a nightmare of VOC off-gassing and mold buildup.


These applied minerals are available in a rich palette of colors. The Hi’ilani EcoHouse Ohana (family) room, which doubles as the home’s theater, will be colored in luxurious reds, the Art Gallery in opulent bluish jade greens. 


Tiny, intensely colored rocks embedded in the walls catch and reflect the patterns of light as they change throughout the day and evening, delighting the eye. These non-toxic, nature-inspired finishes are available in comfortable price ranges and in stunning colors. For more information: Contact Sophie!